Home Inspection Service

Protect your Home! Save Time and Money

Our accredited professionals conduct a thorough property assessment to guarantee the structural integrity of your home. These experts scrutinize every aspect of the property, protecting buyers' interests. You can assess potential issues through a comprehensive report.

Discover Significant Issues

Prior to Ownership Transfer

Safeguard Your Investment

Ensure You Receive Your Money's Worth

Secure Your Family's Safety

Against Severe Household Mishaps

Why invest in repairs when you can be well-prepared?
Why invest in repairs when you can be well-prepared?
What does Home Inspection cover?
Quality Check
Evaluate the structural integrity and architectural design of the property.
Brand Check
Evaluate the quality of the raw materials used.
Material Check
Examine the materials used in the construction process.
Dimension Verification
Verify property's dimensions and area as provided by the developers.
Why choose Home Inspection Services?
Identify Hidden Problems
Home Inspector discovers hidden and expensive problems that are not always apparent when home buyer view the home with family members and a real estate agent.
Save Time & Money
Home inspection ensures the property is in good condition, devoid of any structural and material shortcomings.
Ensure Safety
Home Inspection identify the safety issues such as loose wiring, illegal installations and faulty fire system which need to be repair or replace on the urgent basis.
Provide Negotiation Leverage
Homebuyer can ask the seller to fix the problems mentioned in the report or negotiate with the seller to reduce the property price.
Why choose PropertyPistol for Inspection?
Visual Assistance
Provides technology-enabled 360‑degree walkthrough of property.
Comprehensive Analysis
Covers all the parameters required to be assessed for home inspections.
Accurate Estimation
Employs methodical techniques to compute the area accurately.
Sample Report - Key Highlights
Frequently Asked Questions

The home inspection services enlighten the home buyers about the maintenance and repair costs of the property. Moreover, it helps them to compute the accurate cost of the home.

The main objective of home inspection services is to evaluate the structural and architectural synopsis of the property.

Home inspection process entails a meticulous examination of floor plans, kitchen designs, and interior amenities by certified professionals.

Choosing a home inspection service that provides a detailed and in-depth report enveloping every facet of the property is advisable.

The certificates provided by a home inspection services agency authenticate the fitness of the property.

Yes, one should always be sure of the qualities they are paying for and conclude the property inspected before making a purchase.

The certificate from home inspection services accentuates the transparency between home buyers and developers and helps them to conclude the transaction without any hiccups.

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